Journal of Alice

but the real question is where next

8 November ’16

But the real question is “Where next?”

back in england and the price of eating out is

7 November ’16

Back in England and the price of eating out is always a shock to the system. In the Balkans we were eating huge meals for the same price as this.

Two more weeks in Yorkshire and then it’s time for a Disney trip. Paris this time for the start of the Christmas season.

the view from seat 1a on my flight home from the

7 November ’16

The view from seat 1A on my flight home from the Balkans.

On arrival into Germany from Prishtina we are greeted at the plane by police checking passports which causes a little delay. Nobody seems phased and we don’t notice anyone being stopped.

after a long day of traveling we find ourselves in

6 November ’16

After a long day of traveling we find ourselves in Prishtina, Kosovo. And who should we see standing on a street corner but Bill Clinton, one of the first people to recognise Kosovo as a country.

We don’t really have any time in Kosovo. A long drive from the border up to Prishtina through miles and miles of shops selling mainly building supplies. An evening dinner, a walk through the capital at night. We are told about how the people are unable to leave the country and how it’s something of a wild west, but we are unable to experience any of this ourselves before our early flights out.

the church of st john at kaneo the church is

6 November ’16

The church of St John at Kaneo. The church is dedicated to John of Patmos, the writer of Revelation, who has been by some considered to be the same person as John the Apostle. The construction date of the church remains unknown but documents detailing the church property suggest that it was built before the year 1447