Journal of Alice

watching the sunset from a world war two defense

13 February ’17

Watching the sunset from a world war two defense post. Malta does not suck.

malta aviation museum why yes that is a douglas

13 February ’17

Malta Aviation Museum

Why yes, that is a Douglas DC-3 sat in a scrap pile.

every year around this time destinations travel

21 January ’17

Every year around this time Destinations Travel Show happens in Manchester. To be precise, it happens at Event City next to the Trafford Centre, which is a fair way from the nearest train station, but I digress.

It hosts over 100 companies, most selling something travel-related. From the Yorkshire coast to Taiwan, there’s something for everyone here. I’ve covered this serveral years in a row now, and it always feels slightly different. This year the main things I noticed was ecotourism being promoted less, and more lower cost travel options appearing. The event was very busy, but it’s hard to compare numbers to last year since I visited much later in the day this time round.

The event is co-located with a caravan and motorhome show, and it can be painfully obvious when people find themselves in the wrong part.

I had a few good chats, found a few good deals, and more importantly met some new companies.

I spent a bit of time with a few people coming up with a round the world trip plan avoiding the USA, which is something I’ve been struggling to do for a while. There are three options here - via Canada, via South America (which adds a fair bit to the distance and price), or not actually round the world (europe-africa-australia-asia). Since I aim to join the Circumnavigators Club and the Travelers Century Club one day, via South America sounded more interesting.

There’s the Atlantic and Pacific oceans to cross to complete a round the world trip. The easiest way across the Atlantic is London Heathrow to Rio, and the easiest way across the Pacific is Santiago to Auckland. With these two flights locked in, planning the rest of the trip becomes a lot simpler. We ended up with MAN-LHR-RIO-SCL-AKL-SYD-SIN-PVG-DXB-MAN. 27471 miles that can be ticketed to take anything from 10 days to 12 months.

our guided tour of macau was pretty terrible im

17 January ’17

Our guided tour of Macau was pretty terrible. I’m sure there are some great parts of Macau, but we were rushed past them to places we can spend money. I’d totally consider doing it on my own if I was ever back in the area and had some free time, then I might get to see some more of the lovely old architecture alongside the tacky new architecture.

the venetian macau why yes that is an indoor

16 January ’17

The Venetian, Macau.

Why yes that is an indoor shopping mall, above a casino floor, in China.

See, the Chinese can’t gamble in the mainland and Macau is tax free. But the Chinese can only get a seven day visa, so they come here with lots of money; if they win big there’s lots to spend their money on, if they lose there’s a free bus back to the border.