Journal of Alice

made it out of transnistria safely far too hot to

2 September ’14

Made it out of Transnistria safely. Far too hot to spend much time on the streets, some beautiful Ukrainian food for lunch in Tiraspol’s top restaurant.

Daily Life in a 180-Square-Foot Motorhome: On the Road with Mike Rigney : The Art of Non-Conformity

2 September ’14

Daily Life in a 180-Square-Foot Motorhome: On the Road with Mike Rigney : The Art of Non-Conformity

I want to be this man when I grow up. Probably with a canal boat instead of a motorhome though.

learning how to make sparkling wine at cricova

1 September ’14

Learning how to make sparkling wine at Cricova, Moldova.

Im 70km Away From The Border Of Romania And

31 August ’14

I’m 70km away from the border of Romania and Moldova, in a roadside motel on the E581. The nearest decent hotel is hundreds of kilometres away and we should have kept driving, we’re the only guests foolish enough to stay here; at least they’ve not needed any bribes or paperwork so far, unlike most of the places we have visited on this trip.

Today has been mostly driving across the Carpathians again and then through some of the poorest areas and cities with high unemployment due to the soviet-era factories being privatised and then going bankrupt.

From here things get more interesting, across the border to Moldova tomorrow and then on to Transniestra on Tuesday.

The photo is of an original gate tower in the city of Brasov.


30 August ’14

Today I have been mostly driving through Transylvania stopping off at amazing castles, including the famous Dracula castle.

It really spoilt the magic to be told the story of how its actually just an old Saxon fortress which only became famous for Dracula after parts of it featured in a film. Its also a horrible tourist trap with a whole market selling fridge magnets and the like (I don’t even have a fridge). Everything in town is vampire themed, including the camping and the foreign exchange. The castle itself is fairly small and unremarkable compared to some of the fortresses and palaces seen enroute.

The day also started with a drive around Bucharest, and a visit to the palace of parliament, where Michael Jackson stood on a balcony on his first visit to Romania and to thousands of fans said “hello Budapest”. Its also the second largest building in the world by surface area, and the Romanian parliament building. Built by 20,000 workers in the Soviet era its an impressive place.

Tomorrow Brasov and a drive over to Focsani.