Journal of Alice

spent the morning in nice strolling through the

5 October ’14

Spent the morning in Nice, strolling through the old town, port and climbing up to the castle. I can see why people like this place.

Sana'a (Idle Words)

16 September ’14

Sana'a (Idle Words)

“’[1382] days since last tourist abduction. Welcome to Yemen!’
But it’s possible tourists don’t get kidnapped for the same reason there aren’t many car accidents on the Moon.”

A lovely long article on one man’s recent visit to Sana'a in Yemen.

behind the Iron Curtain

5 September ’14

The last of my photos from my trip behind the Iron Curtain, Comrat University and a typical village welcome sign.

Comrat University has classes in Russian and Turkish as well as the Gagauz language.

Both Bucharest and Heathrow airports were pretty packed today, and I’ve barely had any time away from guides, drivers and experts this week, so it’s good to be home for a weekend to myself.

Upcoming trips include Nice/Monaco, Stockholm/Mariehamn, Orlando and Astana/Abu Dhabi.



Travel to Moldova, Travel to Chisinau, Moldova Visit, Travel to Transnistria, Wineries Moldova - Ways Travel Moldova

4 September ’14

Travel to Moldova, Travel to Chisinau, Moldova Visit, Travel to Transnistria, Wineries Moldova - Ways Travel Moldova

Today my trip around Romania, Moldova, Transnistria and Gagauzia comes to an end. I fly back to the UK tomorrow for a weekend of rest before returning to work on Monday.

I can highly recommend Ways Travel, who were my guides and drivers for this trip, should you wish to visit this part of the world. They’ve been completely flexible and very knowledgeable, and they’ve taken us to places we couldn’t have dreamt of seeing. Spending the week with people who grew up in Soviet times really brought the history alive.


3 September ’14

Today we visited the autonomous region of Gagauzia in Moldova. The capital is small, and barely worth driving through but the region is home to a collective farm where we stopped for lunch.

The farm has 450 members, most of the village, who work together to grow and harvest all manner of produce. They’re struggling at the moment because of the Russian trade embargo on Moldova, but they remain upbeat and it seems like a very nice community to be a part of.

Tonight we stay in a Soviet hotel in a small industrial town in Romania. Its better than it sounds, but I’m looking forward to getting back to Bucharest tomorrow.