Journal of Alice

i made it to the southernmost point of continental

3 April ’17

I made it to the southernmost point of continental Asia last week. Only, I didn’t. It isn’t even the southernmost point of the manmade island that it’s on. But it does let you tell a good story.

the super trees in singapore are being taken over

3 April ’17

The super trees in Singapore are being taken over by dinosaurs at the moment.

i spent most of this weekend riding a train around

2 April ’17

I spent most of this weekend riding a train around England, mostly on a rail tour operated by some class 37s. I started at Leeds at 12:00 on Friday and got home, some 800 miles and 50 hours later, at 2pm on Sunday having left the railway only once.

As might be expected, everyone was a train fan, some more nerdy about it than others. We didn’t get a lot of sleep this weekend, but we did get to ride a lot of rare track. Some of the track we rode has never before been covered by a passenger train. The highlights being central lines at Birmingham New Street, twice and most of the way round Long Marston storage depot.

I don’t have many photos of this trip, blurry window camera phone shots of freight lines aren’t all that exciting and we’re not allowed to share photos from Long Marston. But here’s a few shots from the stations along the way.

I love the internet

7 March ’17

I love the internet.

In all my travels I’ve met so many people from all over the world, from Canada to New Zealand and so many places in between. Some of these people have been huge influences in my life, and some I would gladly travel vast distances to see. But since I can’t regularly do that, the internet has to give us a replacement continuing connection or we’ll just lose touch.

This evening was a beautiful example of that working really well. After a hard day at work one of my Canadian friends invited me to a show, and I had to remind her that she lives 4000 miles away in the middle of nowhere. So she started live streaming the show. We spent the evening chatting and enjoying some great music. And we’re closer as a result.

So don’t tell me that internet friends aren’t real friends. They’re just geographically in a different place, not mentally.

coming soon

25 February ’17

Coming soon…