Journal of Alice

we took a 90 minute train journey over the river

27 December ’15

We took a 90 minute train journey over the River Kwai and west towards Burma today. It cost us just 300 Baht, or £5.50, and it was only that expensive because we opted for the tourist rate to get a guaranteed seat and some snacks. The regular foreigner rate is just 100 Baht, residents travel for free.

The train was particularly busy today because it’s the first day of the New Year holidays, which go on until around January 3rd. This means that Bangkok is relatively quiet this weekend, and should make tomorrow’s journey to the airport easy.

my 2015 in flights 35 segments 63330 miles 6

20 December ’15

My 2015 in flights - 35 segments, 63330 miles, 6 days 1:28 in the air. Which includes my upcoming Christmas in Bangkok.

I’ve flown twice as far as in 2014, but seen less.  Mostly due to travelling further afield rather than lots of short European breaks.

I’ve got around 50,000 miles planned over the next few months and I’m expecting 2016 to be a good year.

I Turned The Comments On The Rad Girls Collective

4 December ’15

I turned the comments on the Rad Girls Collective #12daysofradness music post into a YouTube playlist.

There’s some real gems in here, from the mainstream to the completely unknown, from dance and hip hop to country and soul music.

I’ll be spending a lot more time listening to this instead of my usual cheesy pop/dance/Disney songs.

#12daysofradness - day 3 humility

3 December ’15

Flying into Astana earlier this year I was a little concerned at how low the clouds were. It took a while to realise that those weren’t clouds, that was the snow-covered ground with no sign of humans for hundreds of miles. Flying over Kazakhstan you realise just how huge and empty it is, and you feel very small.

12daysofradness day 2 achievement my biggest

2 December ’15

#12daysofradness - day 2, achievement

My biggest achievement this year was probably travelling to Iraq with these awesome people. There’s not a lot of people can say they’ve been to Iraq on holiday.