Journal of Alice

cape cod or rather the tokyo disneysea version of

3 March ’16

Cape Cod, or rather the Tokyo DisneySea version of it.

tokyo disneyland

29 February ’16

Tokyo Disneyland

the revised heck yeah model

11 February ’16

I make most of my travel decisions using the revised heck yeah model. For every chance to visit somewhere new there’s the question “are you willing to spend the time/money/effort required on this?” And the answer is far from binary.

If the answer is “no” then why are you even asking.

If the answer is “maybe” then I definitely won’t do it.

If the answer is “yes” then I still won’t do it, but I will consider how to improve the cost/awesomeness ratio.

Only if the answer is “heck yeah” will I actually do it. And that response means I have to do it.

This mostly happens subconsciously now, but occasionally I actually have to explain this thinking to somebody who gets upset when I say no to something. And my answer is always the same, life’s too short to do things I’m not excited about.

US Visa Waiver Restrictions

1 February ’16

So of course the big travel news recently is the new US restrictions on the visa waiver program. This affects anyone with dual nationality of or who has visited Iran, Iraq, Syria or Sudan and requires them to apply for a nonimmigrant visa instead.

These nonimmigrant visas have a higher burden of proof to obtain, and involve an interview at your local embassy. The questions in the application form are more personal than any other country’s visa application.

This all means that I can no longer just turn up at an American border and expect to be allowed in. This means it is easier by far to visit parts of Iraq and Iran than it is to visit our supposed allies. It means that my upcoming trip to Atlanta and Houston is unlikely to be going ahead, not unless the restrictions are relaxed in the next couple of months.

Destinations Travel Show

23 January ’16

I visited a travel show over in Manchester today. In doing so we discovered that South Africa is continuing to be very affordable for Europeans and that self-drive and responsible are continuing to be the buzzwords of the day. The number of visitors combined with the business-as-usual attitude from the vendors would suggest business is booming and the economy recovering; granted this is a customer-facing trade show, but I’m not sure I hold their apparent optimism for the future economy.