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from my latest hong kong visit

27 November ’18

From my latest Hong Kong visit


25 June ’17


25 June ’17

Country number 68

Abkhazia is a small country between Georgia and Russia on the Black Sea. It’s only recognised by a handful of other countries (including Russia) so it’s difficult to get in, mostly free of tourists, and full of ridiculous stories.

I’ve already sent a trip report to a few people directly, but it’s taken quite a long time to write this because it’s hard to know just what to say. Many of the stories we heard are difficult to verify, many of our own stories probably shouldn’t be shared openly.

After a full day exploring Kutaisi in Georgia, it was time to cross into Abkhazia. There are only two routes into Abkhazia - both by road. Crossing from the Russian side is pretty quick and painless, and Russians don’t need a visa; but for everyone else you need a multi-entry Russian visa, so we entered via Georgia. Since Georgia don’t recognise it as a separate state they don’t like you entering Abkhazia, but they will allow it with the necessary travel permits (obtained by our fixers).

The crossing from Georgia into Abkhazia is one of the most interesting land crossings. After an hour waiting for the Georgian border guards to decide we could cross, we all packed into a horse-driven cart and got taken across a bridge to the Abkhazia side. There some Russian soldiers met us and we spent the next couple of hours waiting and being questioned before being let through. By the time we got through it was shift change, so we celebrated our arrival in the transport cafe with the border guards.

The next week involved traveling around, mostly by minibus, eating amazing food and meeting friendly locals. Most of the food is locally produced which means it’s incredibly fresh and tasty. The locals are so pleased to see tourists that they’re more than happy to help, share stories, and hope for more visitors.

Closer to the Georgian border there are quite a lot of abandoned buildings, which are great for exploring. Elsewhere there are very modern hotels, albeit a little basic in places.

If you are planning on travelling you’ll need a local fixer. You probably can get around on your own if you speak Russian, but you won’t get the best experience. We travelled with Regent Holidays, and дима was one of the best fixers I’ve had in a long time.

Rather than tell specific stories, here’s a video I made and feel free to ask me specific questions.

night time is best time in singapore not only

4 April ’17

Night time is best time in Singapore.

Not only do you get lovely cityscapes like these, it’s also something approaching an acceptable temperature for being outside for more than a few minutes.

those singapore sunsets it represents the time

4 April ’17

Those Singapore sunsets 😍

It represents the time of day where it starts reaching an acceptable temperature to be outside for more than a couple of minutes. And it’s just so beautiful.