Journal of Alice


2 May ’16


mariehamn is a very stereotypical small

1 May ’16

Mariehamn is a very stereotypical small Scandinavian town in Åland, between Sweden and Finland. In summer it’s probably a popular place, surrounded by beautiful countryside, bike lanes and countryside beaches. On the off-season weekday that I visited it was rather quiet.

I flew in from Sweden, a short flight on a an Saab 340 that had seen better days. There was a pretty strong crosswind and our little plane was struggling. The tiny airport with a single gate had no buses, no taxis, no cellphone coverage and it was dark. Not a great start. Luckily I’d downloaded a map of the area and had a hotel within walking distance.

Strandnäs Hotell is out of town on the north. It’s a bit of a walk from anywhere, but a nice walk. The breakfast is a small Scandinavian buffet.

Mariehamn itself doesn’t take too long to explore, particularly when the shops all open late and it’s too cold for swimming. Everything is done on foot because the free buses are few and far between at this time of year. It’s a pretty place to spend a day with your camera though.

The flight back to Stockholm takes less than the hour time difference between the two countries. Mariehamn airport has a single gate, and a tiny little duty-free shop - it’s not somewhere for plane spotting.

i had a day out visiting morecambe carnival today

30 April ’16

I had a day out visiting Morecambe Carnival today.


24 April ’16

the lighthouse at cape cod on the american

24 April ’16

The lighthouse at Cape Cod on the American Waterfront at Tokyo Disney Sea