Journal of Alice

yesterday i spent 8 hours on a train riding the

17 May ’16

Yesterday I spent 8+ hours on a train riding the Far North Line. As the name suggests that’s as far north as you can go on the UK rail network, running from Inverness to Thurso and Wick.

The scenery was beautiful but far too big to get good pictures from a camera phone on a moving train.

ive never actually lived in york not properly

8 May ’16

I’ve never actually lived in York, not properly, but I’ve spent enough time here that returning feels like going home. This weekend that’s been doubly true because I spent it with some people who’ve played such an important part of my life. To this day I still consider them the closest thing I have to family, and I’ve not seen much of any of them in years. The summer following university when I spent so much time in York with them was the start of such a formative part in my life that I don’t really talk much about my time before that.

Travel fatigue

4 May ’16

I just wanted to talk a bit about the travel fatigue Nadine referred to in a q&a video they did recently. The question was about long-term travel, and the answer was about a more sustainable zig-zag pattern of travel with periods of travel and periods of staying at home. And how traveling for too long means you start getting tired and bored of visiting more museums, which is when you know it’s time to stop.

This really spoke to me. For a while now I’ve tended to take summer off from traveling, usually for work reasons, but also because too much travel in a short period just doesn’t work well for me. You need time between trips to decompress and take in what you’ve experienced. Too many European cities in a short period and they start blurring into one in your memories.

After doing at least one long-haul trip a month over the winter just gone, it feels like it’s been a while since I last left the country. I was due to visit the US last month, but visa issues put a stop to that plan - and in a way I’m thankful. More time at home to think back at those winter trips and dig up memories from past travels has been good.

But now it’s time to pack my bags and get ready for some trips to York, Scotland, London and Helsinki - all in the space of a month - before spending the rest of the summer in Yorkshire.

london from above

3 May ’16

London from above

vilnius lithuania

3 May ’16

Vilnius, Lithuania