Journal of Alice

after getting stuck in a traffic jam caused by a

29 October ’16

After getting stuck in a traffic jam caused by a film crew we only have a short time to spend in Kotor. But it’s a perfect little place with plenty of quiet bars and squares. The more energetic of our group hike up the hill to get a view from above.

Kotor is another place I could go back to and spend a couple of days, its distance from an airport makes it both nice and quiet and somewhere I’m unlikely to make it back to until I learn to drive.

its summer and at least one cruise ship is docked

28 October ’16

It’s summer and at least one cruise ship is docked at Dubrovnik so the city is heaving. We’re told that it is even worse in the height of summer.

We opt to split into small groups and head to different bars for a couple of hours instead of attempting to see all the sites. The city isn’t very big so we end up seeing a good amount of it trying to find a quiet bar on a side street. The prices are some of the highest we’ve seen because of the cruise ships and the Americans they bring, but unfortunately this provides such a large part of the local income that it isn’t going to change.

I imagine the city being a great place to spend a few days out of season, but getting here in the winter isn’t quite so easy.

We’re pleased to move on to a quieter waterside town with fewer people and only a small cruise ship in harbour.

our time in mostar is limited and in the middle of

28 October ’16

Our time in Mostar is limited and in the middle of the day. The heat is unbearable and the old town is full of vendors all selling the same tourist tat.

But as the sun goes down and we stop for a while the beauty of this place becomes apparent. A nice meal of local organic produce in a lovely setting by the river followed by a stroll back to a lovely hotel.

Along the way back we see some lovely street art using bullet holes in the walls as decoration.

Our time here was short, but we have a lot of places still to see. It’s a very early start for our drive to Dubrovnik, Kotor and Podgorica.

old town sarajevo

27 October ’16

Old town Sarajevo

we start our first full day in sarajevo with a

27 October ’16

We start our first full day in Sarajevo with a taxi ride to a terrace above the city to get a good idea of the surroundings. From here we can see the hills where mortars rained down from and it’s a sober start to the day.

The entire day is a mix of tourism, bar hopping and playing spot the bullet holes in the buildings.