Journal of Alice

we got a little lost in belgrade so im still not

31 October ’16

We got a little lost in Belgrade, so I’m still not sure where this church is. Inside it’s still under construction, outside there was folk dancing happening.

its subtle but the balkans and their need for

31 October ’16

It’s subtle, but the Balkans and their need for investment is a good place to see what’s happening on the wider world stage. There’s obviously EU funding going into the area, but there’s also Chinese, Middle Eastern and Russian investors all trying to get in on the action.

Serbia is a long way from Russia, and yet here in Belgrade is a billboard proudly proclaiming the joint venture with Serbian and Russian railways working towards the future.

our first view of podgorica in the daylight is the

30 October ’16

Our first view of Podgorica in the daylight is the train station as we have to leave. Ahead of us is a ten hour train journey to Belgrade.

The train carriages have booths of 6 seats, and we spread out across four of these booths. We spend our time napping, sharing tales of previous adventures and reading books we’ve swapped along the way.

theres not a huge amount to see in podgorica the

30 October ’16

There’s not a huge amount to see in Podgorica, the capital of Montenegro so we didn’t go very far from the hotel by the train station. The city was mostly rebuilt after world war two so it’s typically eastern bloc.

its gorgeous balkan sunsets like these that make

29 October ’16

It’s gorgeous Balkan sunsets like these that make me wish I had a camera good enough to properly capture them.