Journal of Alice

day trip to novi sad (нови сад)

3 November ’16

Day trip to Novi Sad (Нови Сад)

the city of novi sad at first looks like a

2 November ’16

The city of Novi Sad at first looks like a relatively modern city with a small fortress above it. You wonder why we were brought here until you turn the corner and suddenly arrive into the lovely older part of the city.

We had a lovely afternoon wandering and bar/cafe hopping before getting the train back to Beograd.

one of the bridges across the danube to the city

2 November ’16

One of the bridges across the Danube to the city of Novi Sad in the background. Locals have a dark sense of humour and joke about having 11 bridges, 8 of which are under water.

NATO forces bombed this area quite heavily in the 90s because of the oil refinery nearby. All bridges at the time were destroyed and the city was cut off. It’s no wonder there’s still strong anti-NATO sentiment here.

the locals know this clock at petrovaradin

1 November ’16

The locals know this clock at Petrovaradin Fortress above Novi Sad as the drunk clock. The big hand is for hours and the small hand for minutes. This helped the sailors on the Danube below to more easily see the rough time.

that investment from russian railways must be

1 November ’16

That investment from Russian Railways must be working because this train to Novi Sad is one of the most modern trains we got to ride on the entire trip.