Journal of Alice

some of the older buildings in ohrid macedonia

5 November ’16

Some of the older buildings in Ohrid, Macedonia.

lake ohrid one of europes oldest and deepest

5 November ’16

Lake Ohrid, one of Europe’s oldest and deepest lakes covering 388 square kilometres. The town of Ohrid feels like something of a seaside town until you notice the fresh water and the lack of a tide.

st naum monastery founded by st naum himself in

4 November ’16

St Naum Monastery, founded by St Naum himself in 905 AD.

That city in the background is in Albania. The border is just 100 metres away but it might as well be miles because we have other places to be.

driving through the national parks of macedonia

4 November ’16

Driving through the national parks of Macedonia.

skopje is a weird place we arrived after dark and

3 November ’16

Skopje is a weird place. We arrived after dark and walked into the city to see what I’m fairly sure I remember as a backdrop on Eurovision song contest results. It was beautiful with lots of statues, nice marble buildings and background music all making it feel like Disneyland.

Returning in the daylight you could see the parts that were half built, the fake building facades and the generally poor construction work.

It could be something great, but the money isn’t being spent wisely.